LeXpunK Weekly Update - October 15, 2021

LeXpunK Weekly Update

October 15, 2021


Some good solid momentum this week – feels amazing to say we are in full launch mode on our work at the DAO:

(1) Work Product Proposals. We have a blitz of new proposals up of staffing and the DAO legal standing working group is fully staffed and off and running! The following are currently staffing with applications due on October 20:

If you are interested in being staffed, here is the process to submit an indication of interest to be staffed on a proposal:

Our priority is to get these staffed ASAP and once staffing is complete, we will set up Coordinape for the working groups, the managers will hold kick-off calls with team, set up thier work space and their intake process for research requests.

(2) :rocket:We Haz Tokens. :rocket:L3X were distributed to early contributers and core communities this week! Announcement here with an update that we went ahead and pushed them out using DefDAO funds. If you missed this round, there will be future distros to look forward to.

(3) LeXpunK Forum Updates. This week, we are focused on gearing up to flesh out our remaining initial proposals (copy of the proposal slate is up on our forum here) and we are getting some engagement and thoughts on improvements and considerations as well as ideas for the next round – keep these coming!


Flexing our new tokens, we put up our first item for a vote after fielding a bunch of asks – the most pivotal question of all time: Telegram vs. Discord (kidding, the answer is Telegram but vote here.)

Forum Summary

We have been watching the crypto world come online with a flurry of policy proposals - ranging from the good (see a16z, to the generally bad and ugly (see Coinbase).
We also witnessed the divide in stances between Commissioners Hester Peirce and Crenshaw with their contrasting speeches and approach to crypto at SEC Speaks 2021.
Lots of discussion on goings on at Maker (see here and here)and the wisdom/viability of the approach being taken.
Finally, great conversation about AML/KYC (started by Snr. Doggo’s twitter convo) where the author of the paper he cited responded to concerns with this pretty amazing reply:

Yup (as author of that paper) that’s a fair argument - if the regulations worked. Scientists have shown fundamental flaws of #AML system for decades, even UN slammed AML failure/harm; now extending it to #cryptocurrencies; what could possibly go wrong? #zeroimpactinfinitecost

Other Updates

This section of the Weekly Update is for Army member s/os, press or other notable twitterverse convos or news:

  • S/o of the week goes to @iamdefinitelyahuman and @banteg for the clutch help in getting L3X out.
  • Another s/o to @erichdylus for helping with our DAO contributor risk mitigation guide and @Marcgoldich for stepping up and managing our first launched working group.

Standing Links:

  • LeXpunK Army Site. Visit our homebase, take a look around and to join the army, fill out our intake here.
  • Visit our GitHub
  • WIP Twitterverse List of LeXpunKers and vision-aligned tweeters (if you are in the Army and I havent added you yet, give me a shout and I will put you in the mix)
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