Staffing Notice #5: Model 409A Amendment

Work Product: 409A Amendment - Tokens (WG#5)

Manager: Ga3b


  • Core team: Staffing in Progress
  • Research Aides: 3, BLIP from Brooklyn Law

Description of Deliverables:

  • Model legislation Section 409A amendment - proposal to establish a safe harbor for smart contract systems that if they pay a ‘greater of’ %-based or flat tax, they will fit into safe harbor for certain tax-related risks
  • Focus on improvement of tax treatment of vesting token awards + fork of yearn vesting contract that complements the amendment proposal


  • Complete Staffing (Please complete application by 10/20 if interested). Instructions here: Staffing Process for Proposals
  • Set up Coordinape Gift Circle with Core Team
  • Managers to hold kick-off call with team, set up work space and intake process for research requests