LeXpunK Messaging App: The Great Telegram vs. Discord Throwdown


If needed we could setup a bridge / relay bot system for cross channel communications. I’ve done one before for TG & Discord

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that’s a good idea if we do set up a discord. . .having a discord without using all the features doesn’t make sense so I feel like if we use discord it will end up becoming the primary base of operations

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Neither the Twitter account nor the website provide any links to the Telegram (or Discord) for LeXpunK Army, as far as I can tell. Is it required that we enlist prior to being able to join and observe?

If not, I would appreciate if someone could reply with a link to the channel here. Or if an invite needs to be sent directly, my handle on Telegram is @CandorONE


Candor (great name)–we onboard through https://www.lexpunk.army/recruits.html