Proposal Submission Process & Explainer

Proposals will primarily be sourced from our contributing communities and we will also source from Army feedback and submissions. Please submit your ideas here for campaigns, raids or public goods.

Rules of the road are as follows:

  1. Stick to the below template.
  2. Write concise title
  3. Add understandable aka non-legalese aka eli-5 summary.
  4. Add an abstract: what will be done if the proposal is taken up (keep it below 200 words).
  5. Write a longer motivation with links and references if necessary.
  6. Add specifications if necessary.
  7. Formulate clear for and against positions.
  8. We may include a poll to measure sentiment (public, L3X results on vote).
  9. Don’t rush with putting a final proposal together, keep discussion going for at least 3 days.

:arrow_forward: TEMPLATE FOR PROPOSALS :arrow_backward:


@[ ]


TL;DR Overview

  • The problem, in a nutshell (1-3 sentence summary, no details, no justification)

  • Your position on the problem’s cause and your recommended solution, in a nutshell (1-3
    sentences, including the policy goal—make new policy? Reform existing policy?

  • Your intended purpose for the work product (your ACTION-ORIENTED reason for asking
    for funding.

NOTE: Make sure the purpose is aligned with the mission and focus of the DAO - why is this important for builder-first communities


[Describe the underlying issue and the need]


The rationale for this proposal is motivated by the following objectives:

  • **[Explain the value add to the community]


  1. [Please describe the work product deliverables, the amount of funding sought (can be open or a range) and the team required]


Non-binding poll