LeXpunK Weekly Update - Sept 16, 2021

LeXpunK Weekly Update

September 16, 2021


More progress to report in the Week 2 update:

(1) LeXpunK Forum Updates This week, we are focused on gearing up to flesh out our initial proposals (copy of the proposal slate is up on our forum here) and we are getting some engagement and thoughts on improvements and considerations – keep these coming!

We have updated our form to submit an indication of interest to be staffed on a proposal:

(2) Work Product Proposals. Our proposals are still open for feedback on our initial 6 month slate of proposals. A copy of the proposal slate is up on our forum here and links to these proposals and any ensuing discussions at our founding communities are below - we hope everyone is excited about these, we are very jazzed to get started:

  • Yearn Post - currently at 92% approval with 14 voters
  • Lido Post - poll to open soon
  • Curve Post - 100% approval with 3 voters (hoping for more engagement)

We are light on responses to the posts, but have had some encouraging feedback in the Yearn forum with Fin4Dao responding:

"Yearn is the forefront of defi. To me it comes naturally that it helps to fight for the cause and is able to show its users that they’re well connected to legal expertise. Unique selling point imo.

As next steps on these, we will confer with the Multisig holders to (i) order the proposals to make sure we are moving first on the most important, (ii) building out the proposals to drill down on the work product/deliverables and expectations, (iii) we will then post these and begin to actively staff them, appointing project managers and building team members, (iv) we will continually be fielding intake to build out the staffing (we are already getting submissions).

(3) Wen Logo/Branding. We are close to finalizing our logo and branding for use in our Metafactory swag, website and forum. Thanks be to @ze_rg for taking the lead on design and to @M for input.

As you might expect, this vote has had the most engagement on our forum. Join the fun here and vote for C which is my favorite).

Please also post feedback for tweak/ additions (I will once again abuse my position as the weekly update scribe to officially lobby for helmut flair). TYIA.


As summarized above, we are up and running with seeking feedback on our first slate of proposals (see here and above). We also have a forum mechanism for sourcing community suggestions here.

We are building out our public goods work daily and are actively exploring funding for this funnel and are working out the means to structure and scale these efforts. We described our key goals in last week’s update. We are close to deliverables for our DAO conflicts of interest policy and model forum/governance rules as well as an explainer on risk mitigation at the contributor level – we hope to publish deliverables to GitHub in the upcoming weeks.

Forum Summary

Most of our discussions take place in our telegram Army chat, we are 162 Army members strong with active discussions in our working groups. Highlights of this activity are described here).

This week, topics of dicussion included:

  • Coinbase Lend and similar products
  • Recent NYAG enforcement and NY/state fines as a new trend
  • A lot of digestion of Chairman Gensler’s testimony (posturing around stablecoins, the exchange with Warren and mixed messaging around clarity of existing regulations as well as the ease of compliance with existing regs)
  • Solana outage
  • Mechanics around Sushi batch auctions in furtherance of insatiable demand for Kia Sedonas

Other Updates

This section of the Weekly Update is for Army member s/os, press or other notable twitterverse convos or news:

Twitter Snippets:

  • Lots of digestion of Gensler testimony, including takes by @lexnode,@adam, @mayazi
  • @inthepixels on the moving goal posts for IRS tax treatment of crypto
  • Video clip of the sassiest part of the Gensler hearing with a reaction from @lawxtechxart
  • @nic__carter highlighting ongoing education issues with mainstream media (part of a broader issue of widespread mischaracterizations of crypto)
  • @jacobdrobinsonJD pointing out that centralization doesnt equate to transparency

Standing Links:

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