LeXpunK Weekly Update - October 8. 2021

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LeXpunK Weekly Update

October 8, 2021
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Alright, my bad on the brief hiatus but I am back with more updates:

(1) Work Product Proposals. Our initial 6 month slate of proposals are now officially approved and final We will posting and staffing them on a rolling basis in the next few weeks. We have assigned project managers for the first set going up and are focused this week on staffing:

If you are interested in being staffed, here is the process to submit an indication of interest to be staffed on a proposal:

We will have additional proposals up for staffing next week, our priority is to get these staffed ASAP and once staffing is complete, we will set up Coordinape for the working groups, the managers will hold kick-off calls with team, set up thier work space and their intake process for research requests.

(2) Collaboration with Brooklyn Law’s BLIP Clinic.
In some pretty exciting news, we have solidified a collaboration with Brooklyn Law’s Incubator & Policy Clinic Law (BLIP) and held a kick off call this week on our work and how BLIP can support our mission and work product. Law students in BLIP, among other things, will serve as research aides and be staffed on the work product produced by the Builder Defense DAO and will have the opportunity to engage with the lawyers and builders in the working group calls. S/o to @syd_lauren and @jaskin for hooking this up.

A little background on BLIP – the clinic functions as a modern, technology-oriented law firm in support of tech and innovation. Since its inception in 2008, BLIP is training a new generation of lawyers who are well-versed across the spectrum of skills needed to represent emerging tech, Internet, communications, and new media companies.

(3) LeXpunK Forum Updates. This week, we are focused on gearing up to flesh out our remaining initial proposals (copy of the proposal slate is up on our forum here) and we are getting some engagement and thoughts on improvements and considerations as well as ideas for the next round – keep these coming!

(3) Official Logo/Branding. The people have spoken and here is the winner:

We are working with Metafactory to put together a sample and hope to announce we are ready for business on LeXpunK hoodies very soon!


As summarized above, we are now staffing our first slate of proposals (see here and above). We also have a forum mechanism for sourcing community suggestions for additional proposals here.

We are building out our public goods work daily and are actively exploring funding for this funnel and are working out the means to structure and scale these efforts. We described our key goals in last week’s update. We are in active discussions on this front.

Forum Summary

Most of our discussions take place in our telegram Army chat, we are 162 Army members strong with active discussions in our working groups. Highlights of this activity are described here).

This week, topics of dicussion included:

  • Lots of discussion of Gensler’s appearance before the HFSC, discussion of McHenry’s introduction of Commissioner Peirce’s Safe Harbor as a bill in the House and the general political and regualtory climate
  • Discussion of the issues at Compound, lively debate around whether DAOs need legal wrappers at all thanks to MakerDAO and debate around DAOs and IP rights
  • Lots of discussion on growing urgency around the need for advocacy and organizing

Other Updates

This section of the Weekly Update is for Army member s/os, press or other notable twitterverse convos or news:

This weeks s/os go to @syd_lauren for helping coordinate parterships to help us scale our work and generally stepping up behind the scenes – lots of work is involved in getting things moving and we appreciate everyone donating their time and effort to help our mission.

Second s/o of the week goes to @erichdylus for holding a free learning session and smart escrow walkthrough for the lawyerghhs. Super cool.

Twitter Snippets:

@lex_node discussing evolving best governance practices
@collins_belton highlighting salient points of his amazing appearance on Unchained, one being on the hypocrisy of regulators saying how the law exists and crypto should “just comply” with law when there are on the ground significant roadblocks to doing so that these same regulators are in no hurry to remove
@c_spelliscy with a great article (co-authored by @holmesworcester and the call to action (check his tweets over the past week) on crypto advocacy

Standing Links:

What does it take to get into the Twitter list sir…?
Also I know Discord has been raised in the past - what were the thoughts on this - I find Telegram is harder to follow (at least from mobile)