Staffing Complete: Guidance paper regarding DAO defense fund structuring and legal claim standing


Work Product: Guidance paper regarding DAO defense fund structuring and legal claim standing (WG#1)

Manager: MAG


  • Core team: Staffing Complete
  • Research Aides: 2, BLIP from Brooklyn Law

Description of Deliverables:

  • The Guide should have sections providing “out-of-the-box" creative thinking and guidance on the following:

  • An overview of attorney client privilege and particular issues w/r/t DAOs

  • How to maintain privilege amongst DAO members (incl anons)

  • An overview of Joint Defense and issues / limits of representing a group (incl anons)

  • Contingency planning for when interests aren’t aligned (1) at the outset as well as (2) during the course of representation

  • Specific issues and guidance relating to representation of anons

  • Conflicts issues.

  • Can you have an engagement letter or retention agreement with an individual with only a TG handle? Jurisdictional issues/firm policies etc.

  • But, remember, we are providing guidance to DAOs, not lawyers. Discuss creative options, where possible.

  • Proposed model structures and parameters for proper DAO legal defense funding

  • Can you put together a foundation with the sole purpose of funding defense when conditions met?

  • Are there other ways to structure this?

  • Standing issues.

  • Rule 23 allows uninc associations to defend and prosecute actions collectively. Are there other avenues?

  • Can a DAO assign its rights sufficient to confer standing


  • Complete Staffing (Please complete application by 10/13 if interested)
  • Set up Coordinape Gift Circle with Core Team
  • MAG to hold kick-off call with team, set up work space and intake process for research requests