LeXpunK Weekly Update - Sept 9, 2021

LeXpunK Weekly Update

September 9, 2021


This is really our launch edition, we are building momentum with the week’s major steps forward:

(1) LeXpunK Forum LeXpunK forum is up and running on our site (lexpunk.army) with a set of explainers for all things LeXpunK:

DAO Explainers:

LeXpunK Army Community Guides:

  • Guide to Our Working Groups – In addition to our Builder Defense DAO projects, we are always ideating and working on a number of public goods, the umbrella groups for these are described here
  • Army Engagement Principles - Guide to Behaving Yourself in the Forums

(2) Work Product Proposals. We submitted our initial 6 month slate of proposals to the multisig holders and to the founding DAO forums. A copy of the proposal slate is up on our forum here and links to these proposals and any ensuing discussions at our founding communities are below - we hope everyone is excited about these, we are very jazzed to get started:

(3) Wen Tokens. We finalized numbers and teed up the first L3X airdrop to our community, stay tuned for airdrop news. ICYMI, L3X is the non-transferable reputational token of the LeXpunK army, given to trusted community members who evince the LeXpunK spirit. We expect to use L3X for future community-wide signalling polls. No lambos forthcoming.

(4) The Army is growing. We are very excited and grateful for the support we have received and for the active participation and enthusiasm in the Army. We are fielding new intakes daily and if you feel strongly about our mission and would like to join, please fill out this form.


We are up and running with seeking feedback on our first slate of proposals (see here and above). We also have a forum mechanism for sourcing community suggestions here.

Forum Summary

Most of our discussions take place in our telegram Army chat, we are now 160 Army members strong and in our working groups. Highlights of this activity are described here and we are building out our public goods work daily and are exploring funding for this funnel. Some of our key goals here are:

  • Builder Liability Protection Guidance (asset protection strategies, money transmission and personal liability explainers)
  • Building Replicable DAO Governance Models
    • Working to complete the suite of conflicts disclosures (DAO side policies) to complement the previously released Delegate disclosure and Delegator disclosure
    • Working on composable governance pieces to form industry standards
  • Model Disclaimers (forms for use by DAOs)
  • Deployer Liability Analysis & Defense Framework
  • Common Sense Model Definitions Section for Legislation
  • Legislative/ regulatory education efforts, ie. mining and staking primers; MEV paper, a series of explainers for why Worker-Driven DeFi communities are different from VC-backed communities and legal ramifications
  • Work toward defining the canons of cryptolaw and the groundwork for a cloud nation of DAOs
  • Research and build out of legal and ethical implications and limiters as well as work arounds for autonomous lawyering model

Other Updates

This section of the Weekly Update is for Army member s/os, press or other notable twitterverse convos or news:

  • Spuurred by my and @MGoldich’s love of swag, we are working on a LeXpunK project with Metafactory. Thanks to @ze_rg for taking the lead on design and to @M for input.
  • Thank you to our DAO groups and Advocacy groups (and subgroups) for all the thoughts and work to date, excited to share work product in the upcoming weeks!

Twitter Snippets:

  • @adamscochran on DAO governance issues (see thread)
  • @lex_node’s thoughts on governance tokens and also, his NFT, plz buy - think of the orphans
  • @fubuloubu on the need for better education/panelists in Congress

I think this is a great idea for a DAO. The advocacy theme is present in a lot of legal-related DAOs, but having something dedicated to the topic seems most appropriate. Thanks for getting it off the ground!

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