LeXpunK Army Engagement Principles

LeXpunK Army Engagement Principles

We thought it would be helpful to set out some guidelines for the forums, the working groups and generally reinforce some foundational beliefs to govern our interactions:

1. Team First Mentality. You are part of a larger group. Please remember that we succeed as a group, not as individuals. Put the team first. Keep self-promotion and shilling to a minimum (and ask an admin before posting if unsure, these posts are distracting even if well intentioned). Please also refrain from posting to pied piper contributions to your projects and pursuits. We are happy to help with individual pursuits provided these are in line with the open-source spirit of the group and there is attribution to LeXpunK (i.e. a collaboration) but please do your best to help us focus group resources on the larger mission and tasks.

2. Respect Others. We are coming together in the open source spirit. Respect that others are sharing their time and efforts as part of the collaborative and deserve to be treated well, including respecting their abilities, their contributions, and any extra lifts they take on to keep things running. We are all here volunteering our time because we share a common passion – please remember that commonality and keep things light and fun.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard. Memes are expected and appreciated. This is the internet, after all. We believe strongly in our mission, but we also believe in deep fakes, sharing solid memes we find and generally encourage that camaraderie be developed in the Army.

4. Please Do Not Bring Unnecessary Drama. Healthy disagreements are expected but please do not engage in disruptive behaviors and attacks. Expect that not everyone will get along and that not everyone will agree with everyone else all the time. It’s a large group with diverse views and conflict will inevitably arise. Please disagree civilly, discuss your views in the open and refrain from personal attacks.

5. Don’t Feed the Lawyers. Please do not solicit legal work in the Army chat, you can DM an admin for a recommendation but we do not want feeding frenzies. It is distracting and detracts from the open source/ public good vibes.

6. 360 Review Process Encouraged. Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the Army or the DAO is always welcome. We welcome ideas for how to improve processes but please don’t complain for the sake of complaining (to us, we know that some of you are unstoppable) without a proposed improvement. We are all doing our best.