LeXpunK x Pac DAO *First Raid* - community template for SEC’s proposed amendments to Regulation ATS

We’ve officially launched our First Raid Initiative :rotating_light:

LeXpunK partnered with the great minds at @PacDao to provide a template form for DeFi developers and enthusiasts to comment on the SEC’s proposed amendments to Regulation ATS.

This effort gives you, the developer, the builder, the advocate, the opportunity to participate in this seminal notice and comment period.

We drafted form language and included a section for you to share your background and why you decided to comment on the Proposal. Please find our instructions and suggestions for comment on the landing page linked above.

IMPORTANTLY, once you provide proof that you submitted, you can claim an NFT to display as your pfp and let everyone know that you #FoughtForWeb3.

Thank you to the team at PacDao (@alphazwest for the design and
@BradRCorlett for the webpage) along with our LeXpunK contributors @lex_node @hess_legal @SH_Brennan @BrandonFerrick @JordanKSchwartz @syd_lauren @asglidden

LeXpunK will be submitting its own comment on behalf of the Army - Expect Us!