LeXpunK Weekly Update - October 29, 2021

LeXpunK Weekly Update

October 29, 2021
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Sorry for the absence last week, we were deep in kickoff mode on our working groups and are now officially off and running on our work and are devoting a crapload of attention to this (as we should be). That said, here are some updates:

(1) Work Product and Working Groups. We are fully staffed (including with research assistants, hooray!) and up and running on 5 of the proposals. We are letting these get some momentum before our next round of staffing.

We are setting up Coordinape for the working groups and will post the overview on the LeXpunK forum.

(2) LeXpunK Updates. Looking forward, a lot of our time and efforts will be spent on operations in the next coming month, we are working on a plan to overhaul and update our content on the website, build out our back office and to turn attention to our advocacy efforts. We are starting to have conversations with different advocacy organizations on how we can best collaborate and create a unified front. We are also having in depth conversations on how crypto native solutions and how autonomous organizations should interact

Our very own @judgejowday put together a Tractatus Cryptolex-Juridicus, more commonly known as a treatise on metaversal law for the crypto industry, where she gets deeply philosophical about what law is, what its purpose is, and what law means and how it interacts with autonomous organizations as well as how to best approach/envision crypto law and law of the metaverse

If this is too deep for you before 15 cups of coffee, have no fear, this type of thing tends to unearth all philosophy majors in a 50 mile radius and so @lexnode hopped on twitter to offer some thoughts and impressions.


We are very focused over the next couple months on our work product, meeting weekly and cranking things out. While we have heads down on this, we are still collecting and discussing the needs in our founding communities and how to best rally amidst an increasingly dire regulatory atmosphere.

Forum Summary

We have been talking through reactions to the FATF guidance that came out (from the really bummed out @boironattorney to the bummed but still hopeful @jchervinsky to @coincenter’s what I am going to call war weary/resigned and what a response might look like from the crypto industry
Lots of discussion on Worldcoin, mainly on how dystopian and deeply disturbing the project feels to many
Continuing conversation around the continuing stream of hacks and the code is law crowd

Standing Links:

  • LeXpunK Army Site. Visit our homebase, take a look around and to join the army, fill out our intake here.
  • Visit our GitHub
  • WIP Twitterverse List of LeXpunKers and vision-aligned tweeters (if you are in the Army and I havent added you yet, give me a shout and I will put you in the mix)