LeXpunK Weekly Update - November 19, 2021

LeXpunK Weekly Update

November 18, 2021


Big news at LeXpunK this week. We have been evaluating how to gain efficiencies and really be able to scale LeXpunK into a much bigger movement. We have long identified the need to have what is essentially a COO and have been in talks for a while about who we could tap to fill that role. We are delighted to announce nthat we are onboarding @sydneylauren as a LeXpunK Core Team Member and our L3X Ops Commander (aka General of Getting Shiz Done). She has been added as admin in the various Working Group chats – making moves as the Overseeoorrr and will be very active helping push our deliverables (and group members) along. She will help keep our momentum on our work in progress and drive forward efforts on fulfilling our mission/vision. She will also help publicity efforts on our WIP and work product, line up distribution channels for finished work product through our developing partnerships with various trade and advocacy organizations and will help with community relations. Please reach out to her as a LeXpunK resource on TG or Twitter.

In order of priority, she has been (1) rolling out our highly anticipated Coordinape protocol to reward contributions and participation in our Working Groups and (2) taking over the manager role on our work in progress. (3) She will be helping with a refresh of the website, including a revamped FAQ page with onboarding resources and clear links to work product that we have put out to date. (4) She is also helping us develop our long awaited back office of community resources and other community member resources. (5) She will be helping with messaging and ideating future features available to L3X holders for vote. (6) As we come closer to finalizing our first slate of deliverables, she will be active in our “Initiatives” chats to ideate our next slate of Working Groups. She’s also available as a community resource and eager to get feedback on how we can build LeXpunK out to its full potential.

(1) Work Product and Working Groups. Our MiCA Working Group has made headway during its call this past Monday. They are working on presenting guidance to clarify the problematic areas that they’ve found in the proposal in its current form which will act as a point of reference for the ESMA, EBA, and legal practitioners.

Our DAO Coop Working Group is working towards finalizing its work product in the coming weeks. Find one of its key members, @hess_legal podcast - where he spoke with the top players in the coop space about if state cooperative law could be a good fit for a DAO framework.

(2) LeXpunK Updates. A lot of our time and efforts will continue to be spent on operations in the next coming month.

We are also interested in putting together new initiatives, like starting LeXpunK Army Community Calls - we’d love to hear your feedback on what the future of LeXpunK should look like. Stay tuned for more details.

If anyone in the Army has work that they produced outside of the LeXpunK-sphere that they would like to be highlighted in our upcoming Weekly Updates, DM @sydneylauren.


We are very focused over the next couple months on our work product, meeting weekly and cranking things out. While we have heads down on this, we are still collecting and discussing the needs in our founding communities and how to best rally amidst an increasingly dire regulatory atmosphere.

Forum Summary

s/o to @ImpermanentGain for that really indepth overview of TempleDAO and decentralized stablecoins and joining the Army full steam ahead!

Congratulations to @nelsonmrosario for launching his new boutique firm, RosarioTechLaw!

We appreciate the hard work and participation from our Brooklyn Law BLIP Clinic Research Aides in our Working Groups. We look forward to welcoming you back your next term - and good luck with finals!

Twitter Finds & Interesting Articles:

Some of us caught the most recent crypto hearing for more of the same talking points we hear constently. @Peter Van Valkenburgh was, as always, a consummate professional and I am not sure how he manages to sit through these without loud sarcastic sighs and significant amounts of eye rolling. We do not deserve him. Of particular note was one-sided testimony from Alexis Goldstein with liberal use of cherry-picked unflattering facts to make sweeping statements about the whole crypto space (ie. Coinbase charged me a high fee on a transaction, gas exists, so therefore this space is filled with rent seekers and falls down on its promises of disintermediation) and brought up questions on who is funding the Open Markets Institute and what the agenda is there.

Coincenter’s Jerry Brito announcing the introduction of a bipartisan House bill to fix the problemmatic elements of the Infra bill.

Standing Links:

  • LeXpunK Army Site. Visit our homebase, take a look around and to join the army, fill out our intake here.
  • Visit our GitHub
  • WIP Twitterverse List of LeXpunKers and vision-aligned tweeters (if you are in the Army and I havent added you yet, give me a shout and I will put you in the mix)
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