I am looking for help in collective fight for BUSD deposited funds on PAXOS

I’m new here (just heard about you on Defiant) but not new in crypto. My case is quiet worrying already. I know there are at least 2 people (found on CT) from different countries who have similiar case.
After big Paxos/BUSD announcement I decided to swap it to different stablecoins. Some part of it I have sent to Paxos to redeem it, which I have done before on my KYCed account with higher amounts. I must emphasise that I went through additional review of source of my funds, residence, career etc. 1 month ago. It went through succesfully as I declared how much I will transfer annually. The problem is that three days ago after fully confirmed deposit on ETH I have pending deposit on my account till now. Any enquiry through support tickets meets with automatically generated response that “I need to wait”. I am already asking them to send it back to the address. With no luck. I know two other people are worried as well, it looks like all the retail has their funds frozen on Paxos account.
I was wondering if you could help in any way as it starts to look like a big deal and they are bying themselves time for bonds liquidation at our expense. Market cap is going down so I guess business accounts are still going through … or some VIP investors.

Hi @lukvad
Have there been any developments in your case?
I only found the press release of them boasting about the redemptions.
Available at: Paxos Manages the Safe Redemption of $7.9B BUSD in One Month Without Market Disruption - Paxos

Stay safe