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DeFi education

TL;DR Overview

  • Ceazor’s Snack Sandwich is underfunded.
  • Videos are quality educational DeFi material, that is pretty unbiased.
  • Simply proposing to fund his work to allow him to keep going.


Ceazor produces about 3 videos a week, and has done so consistently for more than a year. The videos are accessible to most people, but targeted at users that have some DeFi experience.

Here is a link to his channel


Ceazor does a service for Defi in general already, but could possibly be enlisted to do specific work desired. He tends to have a rule of, “it must be innovative” and be building on the current tech in Defi. He would:

  • Consider any project sent his way from the LexArmy
  • Join calls with real world individuals or organizations to add his knowledge to any discussion.
  • Not cover a simple fork of another project.
  • Not cover simple NFT collections with no DeFi logic.


The minimum ask would be a sum of $50,000 USDC streamed for one year as support for his content, and if his presence is required in meetings, some amount should be added to this.

Ceazor DeFi Education