Community Calls: L3X Holder Snapshot Poll

What say you - are you into the idea? Vote Now! Poll is open until Thursday, December 2.

Also, give us some feedback below - do you like the idea? What would be the optimal use of our time on these calls (1) updates, Q&A and community discussion of next steps, (2) in depth discussion of issues (submitted weekly/bi-weekly), (3) combo?


I am definitely in favor!

I think that there should be a general initial part managed by the L3X core contributors. Afterwards I would simply organize updates from every working group.

The updates would be very helpful as on the general telegram group projects are not discussed. I think that it would be important for every L3X member to have at least a summary about how the groups are working and which results they have achieved!


I like the idea and these call could be used for updates and next steps. Telegram and forum are good for discussions as they usually take more time also written format is good for those who join or could not update themselves for some time. Calls are good for updating and planning - if things shall move forward, then some sort of regular update is needed of what has been done, what are the plans and who’s responsible for what.

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I think some sort of focused alternative discussion system is necessary. Telegram is filled with Gigabrains but I can’t find the energy to catch up through the 300+ messages a day. It may be worthwhile having more than one call a week - one for L3X holders and one for general members or the public. Anyway, this is a good first step.


I agree with this - hard to keep up to date on Telegram (especially for those in different time zones). L3X holders call plus general call makes sense to me. I suspect general call could be slightly less regular or, if weekly, have more news cycle/reactions based content.


+1 (great great great)