CALL FOR STAFFING - Policy Initiatives: WG 10 and 11

With 2022 already underway, it’s a good time to launch new working groups from Slate 1. These are policy based initiatives - each with its own bounty. We welcome crypto-advocates, devs, degens (and lawyers) to join these groups. If you were apprehensive about joining a WG prior because YANAL - now is your chance!

Work Product: Project Financing and Incentives Working Group (WG#11)

Description of Deliverable:

  • Analyze the differences between Worker Driven DeFi communities (Yearn, Curve, Lido) vs VC-Backed Communities (Uniswap, Compound).
  • Explore the implications and ramifications of governance token issuances, issued to the community in the former vs. to VCs in the latter (along with equity).

Work Product: DeFi Functional Overview (WG#10)

Description of Deliverable:

  • Paper and marketing collateral to provide functional “builder-first” overview
  • Review against risk framework
  • Discuss implications/application of Commodities Exchange Act


  • Complete Staffing (Please complete application by 1/10 if interested)
  • Find Instructions here

NOTE that we will keep the application period OPEN until 1/28. If you didn’t have the chance to apply, there is still time!